6 Top Kitchen Upgrades To Improve Your Home

Looking to make a few kitchen improvements? We’ll walk you through the 6 top kitchen upgrades to help improve your home:

  1. Paint the walls and trim
  2. Replace the countertops
  3. Update your cabinets
  4. Add a range hood
  5. Install a backsplash
  6. Update the appliances and fixtures

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1. Paint Walls and Trim

Painting your kitchen walls and trim is a simple way to drastically improve your kitchen’s appearance.

Painting your kitchen walls and trim is one of the easiest kitchen improvements you can make. The right color can drastically change the atmosphere of your kitchen.

Light neutrals are always popular for kitchens. Consider painting the trim white and the walls:

  • White or cream
  • Light grey
  • Tan or beige

But if you want bold and trendy, these moodier colors will help you achieve that look:

  • Forest green
  • Eggplant
  • Navy blue
  • Dark grey

Whatever paint color you choose, make sure it goes with your current or future countertops.

2. Replace Countertops

Countertops are one of the first things potential homebuyers notice. And since the kitchen is where people spend a lot of time, upgrading yours can add a lot of value to your home.

Plus, new countertops will:

  • Transform the look and feel of your kitchen. Darker countertops tend to have a more dated feel since clean, lighter kitchens are on-trend. By replacing only your countertops, your kitchen will instantly look more contemporary.
  • Get rid of damage to your existing countertops. Over time, countertops get nicks, scratches, stains, and burn marks. If you’re starting to notice these signs of wear and tear, it may be worth it for you to replace your countertops with something more durable.

Want to update the ambiance of your entire kitchen? Update your cabinets as well.

3. Update Cabinets

Updating your kitchen cabinets can give your kitchen a total makeover.

You can update your cabinets in a few different ways to update their look and feel.

For relatively easy kitchen improvements, you can replace the cabinet hardware. Replacing the handles and knobs on your cabinet doors and drawers can quickly take your cabinets from dated to modern. Visit our blog for tips on choosing kitchen cabinet hardware.

If you want more of a cabinet makeover, you can:

  • Refinish or reface the cabinets. A cabinet refinishing or cabinet refacing allows you to change the color of your cabinets. Refinishing involves replacing the finish, and refacing will also give you brand new doors and drawer fronts.
  • Completely remodel the cabinets. A cabinet remodel will allow you to change the layout of your cabinets, install molding or cabinets above your upper cabinets, and upgrade your cabinets with features like pull-out racks. Learn more about how cabinet remodeling differs from refinishing and refacing.

For more ideas on updating cabinets, visit our blog  “​​How to Update Kitchen Cabinets Without Replacing Them.”

Updating your cabinets is also an excellent time to install a range hood if you’ve been thinking about doing so.

4. Add a Range Hood

Installing a range hood is one kitchen improvement that’s practical but also helps:

  • Make your kitchen more attractive. Range hoods, particularly ducted ones, are an added kitchen bonus that can increase the value of your home. Like anything else in your kitchen, you can choose from a variety of range hood options that suit your style.
  • Keep your kitchen cleaner and odor-free. The purpose of a range hood is to suck up the grease and fumes from cooking. By doing so, the grease won’t settle on your cabinets and countertops, and the fumes won’t linger in your home.

The right range hood can be a stylish focal point in your kitchen, especially when paired with the right backsplash.

5. Install a Backsplash

The ultimate purpose of a backsplash is to protect the wall behind it from water damage and food stains, but the right backsplash can make a bland kitchen pop.

Ceramic tile is the common choice for backsplashes, but if you’re looking for something a little different, you can choose:

  • Stone tile (granite, marble, slate, etc.)
  • Metal sheets (copper, stainless steel, aluminum, etc.)
  • Mirrored or painted glass
  • Wood or shiplap
  • Painted or natural brick

If you want an ultra-easy kitchen improvement, you can apply peel-and-stick backsplashes, which come in just any look you want. That said, you’ll get a better, longer-lasting backsplash with quality materials and professional installation.

If installing a backsplash, make sure it goes well with your existing or new appliances and fixtures.

6. Update Appliances and Fixtures

New fixtures and appliances can:

  • Transform the look and feel of your kitchen. Upgrading any old or cheap appliances, lighting, and plumbing fixtures are an easy way to modernize the look of your kitchen. Not to mention, new appliances and fixtures have more advanced features (like stoves with cooking sensors or touch-controlled faucets) that will make working in the kitchen easier.
  • Lower your utility bills. Appliances and fixtures get more efficient with each generation. By installing new energy-saving appliances and light fixtures, and new water-saving faucets, you’ll save on monthly electricity and water bills.

Want To Upgrade Your Kitchen Cabinets?

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