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9 Modern Kitchen Ideas for Arizona Homes

remodeled kitchen with brown cabinets and a black and grey counter

Contemporary kitchen aesthetics have undergone huge changes over the last 30 years. What was once an enclosed space hidden away from guests has now become the focal point of the home: a place to cook, relax and entertain.

There are many features which define a modern kitchen. But three of the most common characteristics of a “modern kitchen” include:

  • Opening up the space: The walls and even ceilings which once enclosed kitchens have been demolished and expanded. A focus on natural light pairs well with the natural materials and warm colors found in modern kitchens.
  • Making use of minimalism: Adding enough cabinet space reduces surface clutter and opens up the kitchen even more. Keeping home decor to a minimum allows the pieces that are present to really stand out.
  • Contrasting colors: Crips white cabinetry paired with a dark granite or quartz countertop lends color contrast, as does white a splash of turquoise or light blue.

Combining these elements will give your kitchen a truly modern feel. To inspire you to create the kitchen of your dreams, we’ve covered these four elements in greater detail below.

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Opening up the modern kitchen space

Vaulted ceilings

vaulted ceilings in kitchen

Vaulted ceilings increase the perceived space of the kitchen by raising the ceiling height. These popular home additions can be either arched or domed, and may include a skylight to add natural lighting into the kitchen during the day.

Natural lighting

Natural lighting goes hand in hand with modern open kitchen designs. Natural light adds space and depth to kitchens during the day. It also makes the space more welcoming and inviting, which means families congregate around the kitchen more often.

Another benefit of natural lighting is its ability to create a dynamic kitchen space. As the day progresses, the atmosphere in the kitchen changes, which can bring attention to different elements within it.

Warmer colors

kitchen painted with warm colors

Many assume the modern kitchen is all stainless steel and white. But contemporary kitchen design is much more versatile than that.

In fact, colors such as turquoise, light blue, teal and yellow lend themselves to the open design and natural lighting found in most modern kitchens. These colors have appeared on kitchen cabinets, replacing the darker wood styles such as walnut, red oak and mahogany. They can also be found on tile mosaics and prominent home decor pieces.

Warmer colors can also be found on kitchen countertops. Butcher block countertops with a warmer wood color can create a more inviting settling. Granite and marble are also hugely popular and often mesh better with kitchens that are taking a more contemporary appearance with lots of stainless steel.

Making use of minimalist design

Adding cabinet space

modern kitchen with added cabinet space

Modern kitchens are all about reducing clutter. And that design tenant has brought attention to the kitchen’s cabinetry. Modern kitchens have more cabinet space than ever before, either by installing new cabinets, or making the existing cabinet space capable of holding more.

Increasing the utility of the kitchen island

kitchen island

Kitchen islands add huge functionality to the space. They can function as breakfast tables, cooking spaces and storage space. Some kitchen islands even come on wheels, so they can be rolled away for more entertainment space.

Two-tier islands featuring a bar height and counter height to entertain and cook at the same time are also popular, and add another layer of utility to the space.

Focusing on fewer home decor pieces

modern white minimalist kitchen

Minimalism lets you take one or two accents or home decor pieces and make them true centerpieces of the kitchen. A busy kitchen does not lend itself to this kind of focus. But a modern, minimalist kitchen can really help that truly special home decor piece to “pop” and increase the character of the room.

Installing recessed lighting

Recessed lighting is any kind of lighting that’s been installed inside a wall or ceiling. It reduces the clutter of bulbs and ceiling lamps and makes for a cleaner space.

That said, many modern kitchens do add traditional lighting elements. Whether you choose recessed lighting or some other option will depend on your unique vision for the space.

Creating contrast through colors and materials

Tile backsplashes 

Tile backsplashes are patterns of interlocking mosaic tiles that are often installed along one or more walls of the kitchen. Backsplashes add an element of color and design contrast without making the kitchen appear too busy.

Popular tile materials include glass and marble. In addition to the material, backsplash tiles use various finishing methods (polished, textured, gloss or matte).

Stainless steel appliances and cookware

Stainless steel appliances and cookware are all the rage, and their bright appearance meshes well with open kitchens and lots of natural light. Homeowners can complement stainless steel with cabinets that are basic white or gray, or opt for a splash of color (stainless steel helps bring bright colors to the foreground!)

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