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How To Decorate Your Laundry Room

Looking to make your laundry room a bit more stylish? We’ll walk you through some decorating ideas to update your space and make laundry day a little less mundane.

To decorate your laundry room, you can:

  • Install stylish flooring, wallpaper, or backsplash
  • Change the cabinet color
  • Replace or install countertops
  • Put up open shelving
  • Add creative storage solutions

We’ll go over each decorating tip in more detail.

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Stylish Flooring, Wallpaper, or Backsplash

Most laundry rooms are relatively small, which makes them the perfect palace to get a little funky with flooring and wall elements if you want to.

When decorating your laundry room:

  • Go with one bold design element. If you want to go bold, choose to do so with either flooring, wallpaper, or the backsplash. Especially in small spaces like laundry rooms, too many design elements can easily become too much.
  • Coordinate design styles. If you want to go with a bold black-and-white flooring design, go with more neutral elements elsewhere, like a subway tile backsplash or shiplap wall design. And fun, vibrant wallpapers usually work well with monochrome flooring that matches an accent color in the print.

If you’re remodeling the entire laundry room, that’s also a good time to change the color of your cabinets.

New Cabinet Color

Want to make your laundry room cabinets a bit more stylish? Consider changing their color with either a:

  • Cabinet refinishing: This involves removing your existing finish and applying the new one of your choice. This is the most economical choice if your cabinets are in good condition and you just want to change your cabinet color.
  • Cabinet refacing: This includes a cabinet refinishing but also gives you new cabinet doors and drawer fronts. This is a great choice if you also want to change the look of your cabinets with a different style front. Plus, some companies (like ours) will give you solid hardwood fronts to help your refacing last much longer.

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If you don’t want to update cabinets, consider updating the countertop for a new look.


If you don’t already have one, adding a countertop in your laundry room gives you more space to fold laundry right out of the dryer.

If you don’t need a lot of space, you can install a simple countertop above (or even waterfalling down the side of) your washer and dryer. The custom countertop also gives your units a more upscale look.

If you’re looking for more storage, install a few cabinets with shelving underneath the countertop to store your laundry room goods. You can also opt for a sink to make doing laundry and cleaning chores that much easier.

Open shelving is another update that has a strong design impact.

Open Shelving

Open shelving is a great way to give yourself some extra storage while displaying your laundry and cleaning products in creative ways.

You can also use open shelves to hold useful things like:

  • Detergents and dryer sheets
  • Stain removers and cleaners
  • Towels or paper products
  • Jars and canisters

Or decorate with accent pieces like:

  • Artwork
  • Plants
  • Vases and bottles

Open shelving works great with creative storage solutions.

Creative Storage Solutions

Buy matching baskets for added storage and organization in your laundry room.

For some added organization in your laundry room, you can:

  • Buy matching storage. Wire baskets—or wicker ones if you’d prefer not to see the contents—add a cohesive look to your laundry room. You can also try alternating bright-colored baskets for a more vibrant vibe.
  • Use glass jars and bottles for supplies. For a cleaner look, buy some glass jars or bottles to store detergents, dryer sheets, and stain removers.
  • Add rods for extra hanging space. If you have unused wall space, install some rods (tension rods are easy to throw up) and some hangers for extra space to hang dry clothes.
  • Put up free-standing racks or carts. Side-by-side washers and dryers are notorious for having that awkward gap that nothing fits between. Try a rolling cart with some baskets to store supplies. If you have a bit more space, a free-standing rack next to the units will give you some great storage space.
  • Remodel cabinets with custom features. You can have installed a lot of custom cabinet features that make doing laundry a lot less painful. For example, you can opt for pull-out mesh drying racks, cabinets with extra hanging space, or even deep drawers for holding laundry baskets.

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