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Bathroom Cabinet Trends for 2021

Thinking of updating your bathroom cabinets?

We’ll go over the most popular bathroom cabinet trends our experts are seeing in 2021:

  1. Open shelving
  2. Floating vanities
  3. Creative storage solutions
  4. Natural wood
  5. Matte hardware

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Trend #1: Open shelving

Open shelving is a great way to showcase your goods as design elements. Think neatly folded towels next to glass jars of cotton swabs or bath salts, or woven baskets of toiletries paired with a bit of artwork and small plants.

The only drawback to open shelving is that you need to keep things clean and simple—since you don’t have doors to hide any clutter—which means you may need another set of cabinets to ensure you have plenty of storage space.

open shelving bathroom cabinets

One creative way to include open shelving in your bathroom is with a floating vanity.

Trend #2: Floating vanities

Want a more modern style in your bathroom? Floating vanities pair the functionality you need in a bathroom vanity with an element of style that sets your bathroom apart from anything mass produced.

You can choose a floating vanity that has:

  • Plenty of cabinet doors and drawers for storage
  • A few open shelves to show off select goods
  • Only one shelf or no shelves for an ultra-modern look

floating vanities for bathroom cabinets

Depending on the style of the floating vanity, you may want to consider additional cabinets somewhere in your bathroom so you have plenty of storage options.

Trend #3: Creative storage solutions

If your bathroom vanity or cabinets are prefabricated or ready-to-assemble, you may have some odd spaces between the cabinets and the wall or ceiling.

With custom cabinets, cabinet experts (like ours at Cabinet Coatings) can design cabinets or vanities that utilize every inch of that extra space.

For example, you could have experts install:

    • Pull-out racks to hold toiletries or organize styling tools
    • Drawers with inserts that allow you to organize goods into sections
    • Doors with racks for holding goods on deep cabinets

Wondering how much custom bathroom cabinets cost? Find out in our blog “How Much Are Custom Bathroom Cabinets?

Trend #4: Natural wood

With all of the porcelain, tile and other necessary waterproof materials, bathrooms can feel a bit bleak. Wood cabinets and shelving are becoming a popular way to warm your bathroom with a soft finish and natural texture.

natural wood bathroom cabinets

At Cabinet Coatings, we’re big fans of natural wood. In fact, when we reface your cabinets, we replace all of the doors and drawer fronts with natural hardwood (never plywood or particle board) because hardwood is stronger and more durable.

While solid wood cabinets will increase the cost of your bathroom remodel, they’re worth that additional upfront cost in the long run.

Plus, natural wood cabinets look great with what’s trending in cabinet hardware.

Trend #5: Matte hardware

A lot of Phoenix homeowners are starting to favor the subtleness of matte metal hardware over shiny chrome for faucets, fixtures and cabinet pulls.

Some popular matte cabinet pull colors include:

  • Gold or brass, which look great against white as well as dark and bold cabinet colors (black, eggplant, etc.)
  • Black, which works with white and light neutral, like beige and gray, cabinets and vanities
  • Copper, which pairs nicely with black and other dark neutral cabinets (like navy, forest green, etc.)

Ready to renovate your bathroom cabinets?

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