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7 Kitchen Cabinet Design Ideas

two-toned kitchen cabinets

Ready for a fresh kitchen look but trying to avoid a complete remodel? Updating your kitchen cabinets is a great way to give your kitchen a makeover without breaking the bank.

Our cabinet experts believe the following 7 kitchen cabinet designs are the most popular looks:

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Idea #1: Bold and bright colors

bold and bright yellow cabinets

Why not bring a little (or a lot of) personality into your kitchen with a vibrant color?

Sunshine yellow or burnt orange cabinets will create a warm, inviting kitchen. Meanwhile, a dark turquoise or forest green color will bring a dramatic but sophisticated air to your kitchen.

Idea #2: All-white cabinets

all white cabinets

While all-white cabinets are hardly an original design trend, all-white cabinets paired with an all-white kitchen can create an ultra-chic, airy space.

White cabinets go great with white appliances and are also a great cabinet color for stainless steel appliances. The sleek grey contrasts nicely with the white.

Not a fan of a completely white kitchen? For a splash of color, add a colored backsplash to make the white cabinets pop.

Idea #3: All-black cabinets

all black kitchen cabinets

One of the most popular trends on the rise is the dark and moody kitchen.

All-black cabinets, combined with dark appliances and hardware, can create a sleek, dramatic atmosphere. For added contrast, pair the black cabinets with gold fixtures or cabinet pulls.

Idea #4: Two-tone cabinets

two toned kitchen cabinets

If you like the idea of having colorful cabinets, but think having all of the cabinets be one color might be a bit too much, choose the top or bottom half of your cabinets for the color. For a more classic, contemporary look, go white or cream on top and dark (grey or black) on bottom.

Either way, you get a pop of color in your kitchen that isn’t overbearing.

You can also pair light and dark shades of:

  • A neutral color for a more subdued atmosphere. For example, choose light grey cabinets up top and dark grey on the bottom.
  • The same hue, if you want your cabinets to be a similar color without being monochromatic. For example, pair light blue top cabinets with navy blue bottom cabinets.

Idea #5: Wood cabinets

wood kitchen cabinets

If the idea of wood cabinets makes you think of outdated, golden-toned beveling and bad prints from the 1980s, you’d be pleasantly surprised to learn how contemporary wood cabinets can look now.

Whether you want to go with an oak or pine finish for a lighter, brighter look, or mocha or mahogany for a darker, more classic feel—wood cabinets are a natural way to add texture to your kitchen.

Idea #6: Mix materials

mixed material kitchen cabinets

Mixing materials makes a kitchen more interesting by combining a variety of textures throughout the space.

For example, you can create:

  • An ultra-modern kitchen by mixing a bold wall paint color with marble accents, dark cabinets, and matte gold fixtures. For more modern kitchen ideas, check out our blog, “9 Modern Kitchen Ideas for Arizona Homes.”
  • A rustic kitchen by combining a warm wall paint, a brick accent wall, warm wood cabinets, and brushed nickel hardware.

If you don’t want to go overboard with mixing materials, choose a more subdued cabinet color and mix metals on fixtures, faucets, cabinet pulls and other accents. This gives you a more subtle and still interesting mixed materials look.

Idea #7: Remove cabinets for open shelving

open shelving kitchen concept

Open shelving is a unique way to show off your best kitchenware. It also makes it easier to find the dishes you need often—as long as the shelves are kept minimal and organized.

Since open shelving looks best with minimal kitchenware, you’ll likely want to keep some of your existing cabinets to store the rest of your dishes, where they don’t have to be organized so neatly.

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