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Scottsdale Kitchen Cabinet Remodeling Refacing and refinishing

Cabinet Refacing, Refinishing, & Remodeling In Cave Creek, AZ

Striking Cabinet Redesigns For Your Cave Creek Home

  • Unbeatable savings: A new look for a quarter the cost of a remodel
  • Fast Service: Residential jobs take just one week on average
  • 5‑Year Guarantee: No flaking, peeling or breaking guaranteed

Our Services

Make the most of your existing cabinets! Our team will wash, sand and apply one of our ultra-durable finishes to your cabinets.

Need to modify the layout of your cabinetry? We can help. We also provide new cabinet doors and hardware as needed.

"Wasted space" is often what we hear before we start. "Wow" is often what we hear when we are done.

Need some inspiration? Check out our gallery!

We complete hundreds of cabinet projects every year across the Phoenix Valley and all across Arizona. If you'd like to see what other homeowners have accomplished with our cabinet refinishing, refacing, and remodeling services, visit our gallery.

Refinishing vs Refacing vs Remodeling

What's the difference?


Not sure which option is right for you? It all depends on your budget and your vision.

Here’s a quick guide:

  • ($) Refinishing: Best option for homeowners on a tight budget who want to change the color of their cabinetry.
  • ($$) Refacing: Best option for homeowners who want to replace their cabinet doors altogether for an upgraded style and finish (we provide hardwood doors, not cheap veneers).
  • ($$$) Remodeling: Best option for homeowners who want to remove or add onto their existing cabinet structure, upgrade cabinet doors and update the color of cabinets.

Still have questions? We’re here to help! Just contact us with questions or check out our blog, “Refinishing vs Refacing vs Remodeling: Which is Right for Me?”.

Why Choose Us

Why choose Cabinet Coatings?


Our goal at Cabinet Coatings is to deliver an unmatched refinishing experience and a beautiful new cabinet design for a fraction of the cost of a fresh cabinet installation. To do that, we rely on two decades of experience, a passion for cabinet design, and a deep respect for the people we do business with.

Here’s what that means for the homeowners we do business with:

  • We do what’s right by our customers. We respect our customer’s vision for their homes and go above and beyond to make sure the project runs smoothly.
  • We don’t take shortcuts, ever. We believe in staying true to our process. We sweat over the details to ensure we deliver on what we promised.
  • We’ve been around longer than any local competitor. We’ve been perfecting the art of cabinet remodeling since 1996—and we have the stunning results to prove it.

Customer Story

Before & After

Before Picture ScottsdaleAfter Picture Scottsdale


Long-time Cave Creek resident Ruth S. was fed up with her kitchen, which felt drab and outdated compared to the modern kitchens in newly built homes. Not only that, but she hated having to take things out of her lower cabinets in order to reach things in the back. She knew it was time for a new look and better functionality for her cabinets. But she didn’t want the mess or expense of a full cabinet replacement. Besides, the cabinet boxes and doors were in good shape, and the style of her cabinet doors was still fresh and modern. With this in mind, Ruth called Cabinet Coatings and reached out to cabinet finishing expert, Chuck Derouen.


After an In-Home Consultation with Chuck, Ruth chose Cabinet Coating’s Swiss Coffee finish to brighten her kitchen. Chuck also listened to Ruth’s predicament regarding her lower cabinets. So the team decided to build and install new pullout shelves which allows her to easily access everything in her cabinets. The final verdict from Ruth was one of pure joy. She had a completely new look for a quarter of the price and a quarter of the time of a full remodel. Congrats, Ruth! Enjoy all the compliments on your new kitchen!

They did such an amazing job...

“My kitchen looks beautiful! I wasn't aware of all the extra touches Cabinet Coatings provides until everything was finished. Thank you to all of your team! They did such an amazing job.”

—Ruth S. | Cave Creek Homeowner

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