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Cabinet Refinishing

Spruce up your existing cabinets by refinishing them! Our Gold Canyon team will help you find the perfect finish before cleaning and sanding the cabinets, applying the durable finish in our workshop, and protecting it with our water-borne coating process.

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Cabinet Remodeling

If you want to change the layout of your cabinets or install brand-new ones, we can help. The creation and installation of new cabinet boxes, doors, and hardware is done by our Gold Canyon team over a week's time.

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Cabinet Refacing

Want to make your existing cabinets look new again? We can remove your cabinet doors and make new ones to your specifications right here in Gold Canyon. Your cabinet boxes also receive the same protective coating we give the doors.

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Refinishing vs Refacing vs Remodeling

What's the difference?

Unsure which option is the best for your Gold Canyon home? It all depends on your budget & vision.

Here’s a quick guide to help you decide:

  • ($) Refinishing: A budget-friendly option that leaves your current cabinets intact. We clean and sand the cabinets, then apply your choice of durable finish to them to give them a new color and clean look.
  • ($$) Refacing: Your cabinet boxes stay in the home, but we replace the existing doors with brand-new, custom-built doors to breathe new life into the room. This is a great option for homeowners looking to freshen up the room, but not completely change it.
  • ($$$) Remodeling: Remove all of the old cabinets and have new ones installed to your specifications. Although this is the most expensive option, you get to choose all the details on your custom-made cabinets.

Have questions? We’re here to help! Just contact us with questions or check out our blog, “Refinishing vs Refacing vs Remodeling: Which is Right for Me?”.

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Why Choose Us

Why choose Cabinet Coatings?

Cabinet Coatings has been the top-rated cabinet company in the valley since 1996, and Gold Canyon homeowners trust our licensed and bonded professionals to make their visions a reality. Here at Cabinet Coatings, we’re committed to your 100% satisfaction. Take advantage of our free virtual or in-home consultation and enjoy our famously fast service and unbeatable savings. Best of all, we offer a 5-year guarantee, so you know we’ve done the work right the first time.

So what sets us apart from the rest?

  • We do what’s right for our customers. We’re committed to bringing to life your ideal home, and we stand behind our work with a 5-year guarantee.
  • We don’t take shortcuts, ever. As the experts, we worry about the details— so you don’t have to. And, we provide uncompromising workmanship, no exceptions.
  • We’ve been around longer than any local competitor. Our track record speaks for itself. Cabinet Coatings has been the first choice in Gold Canyon for cabinet remodeling since 1996.
Why Choose Cabinet Coatings
Before & After

“The quality of work and finished product was far beyond our expectations…”


Mary lives in Gold Canyon, Arizona, about 45 minutes east of the Phoenix Sky Harbor airport. Mary’s cabinets were looking worn and needing an upgrade, with the old paint looking dull and beginning to crack in several places. Worse, without the paint’s waterproof coating, they were in danger of rotting or getting water damage and needing to be completely replaced. To protect and refresh her cabinets, Mary called Cabinet Coatings.

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Mary arranged an in-person estimate and consultation with one of our experts, Chuck. She wanted the kitchen cabinets, bathrooms, and laundry room painted and made to look fresh. Chuck helped Mary choose the best process for her home, including new, soft-close hinges, and the entire project was completed on schedule. Mary praised Cabinet Coatings’ attention to detail and the quality of their work.

"We had all our cabinetry painted including the kitchen, two bathrooms, and the laundry room. The scheduling was easy with Dee Anna after the estimate was done in person. The entire project was completed as promised by a highly professional team. The quality of work and finished product was far beyond our expectations.. Attention to detail was outstanding and nothing was left undone. In fact several extras were provided. We could not have been happier and are enjoying our “new” cabinetry with soft close hinges and our new hardware complete the look. The results are stunning and would recommend anyone considering such a project to contact Cabinet Coating of America and reserve your project today."
Gold Canyon Homeowner

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