If you’re kitchen just isn’t looking quite right and you’re ready for a change, having your cabinets refinished may just be the perfect solution!

Cabinet refinishing or resurfacing is a cost effective way to update the look and feel of your home without the time and trouble of a full renovation. Oftentimes, homeowners find that their cabinets are in great shape, but just need a “facelift” to feel more up-to-date and customized to fit their style.

Cabinet Refinishing Basics

Depending on the materials and condition of your original cabinets, you do have a few refinishing and resurfacing options. Existing cabinets can often be refinished inside and out. Another popular option is to just replace the fronts of the drawers and cabinet doors. The experts at Cabinet Coating of America can also inspect your kitchen space for alternative cabinet upgrade and addition options, as well.

Now that you know a few basic options, here is some information about popular finishes and color options.

Wood Finishes

Wood finish trends have changed and evolved over the years. While there was a shift away from wood tones in recent years, we are seeing the look emerging again as a favorite for 2016 and 2017. Light wood tones and simple cabinet shapes are especially popular in current kitchen design trends and can create a natural modern feel to your kitchen space.

Whether your cabinets are traditional oak with a dark finish, a medium rustic alder, or have great wood grains hiding under layers of paint, the refinishing possibilities are endless. We can help you navigate through your options and take the look of any common set of cabinets to the wood finished cabinet design of your dreams.

Cabinets in Color

Color finishes continue to be in high demand and can bring a more dramatic change and bright feel to your space. Custom color finishes are available in many hues and shades and can help you accomplish a new and fresh feel in your kitchen.

Two-toned cabinet color schemes are a popular option for those seeking something more than just the traditional kitchen look. Grays and whites are classic options, but blues, yellows, and reds can also be a perfect way to add a pop of color to your home.

Once you have decided on the perfect color, there are a few additional finishes that can really add that custom look. Cabinets Coatings of America has 3 unique finishes and processes that add a whole new look to your color cabinets: antiquing, glazing, and distressing. Each process provides a custom, durable, and beautiful finish.

Your Kitchen Vision

If you’re ready for an update and upgrade in your kitchen, choose the cost-effective and customizable route of refinishing or resurfacing. With such a wide variety of options available, you’re sure to find the perfect combination for you and see your kitchen dreams come true!

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