If you’ve recently remodeled your kitchen, it’s time to show that space off to your friends and family. Hosting a BBQ or dinner party is the perfect way to invite people in to see your kitchen and socialize at the same time. When you’re planning a party to showcase your kitchen, here’s a couple things to keep in mind:

Make sure you get enough food and beverages. The food and drinks can really make or break a gathering, especially a dinner party. If you’re concerned about the price or amount of food to buy, you can make it a potluck and have your guests bring dishes to share. You can make assignments if you want, and provide the main dish and assign out the sides and desserts. Whatever you do, have your guests serve themselves in a casual, buffet style — that way they are sure to get a good, close look at your new cabinets and counter tops.

Invite carefully. If you have a close circle of go-to friends who you always invite to your activities, go ahead and stick with the norm. But if you’re unsure about mixing friends with coworkers, or neighbors with family members, consider the personalities of the people involved. Do they have things in common? Will conversation flow easily? Just because you fit in well with each of these different groups doesn’t necessarily mean they will mingle well together. If conversation fails, though, you can always steer the topic toward your refinished cabinetry.

Plan activities. If your friends are the type to enjoy an entire evening consisting solely of conversation, then you’re good to go. If your guests will want something to entertain them, however, you have several options. Nothing livens up a BBQ better than a badminton net or a rousing round of croquet. For an indoors soiree, the party games abound from Cranium to charades to a friendly round of poker. Consider the interests of your guests and choose something you think everyone will enjoy.

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