While kitchen cabinets often receive all the glory when it comes to a home’s cabinets, bathroom cabinets play a large role in the organization and style of a home. As such, it’s important to not let your bathroom cabinets go unnoticed or ignored when you are taking on a redecorating or renovating project.

Curious about features, materials, or upkeep when it comes to bathroom cabinets? Here’s a quick rundown of what you should know when trying to make decisions about the “other” cabinets in your home.


What many people fail to realize is that your bathroom cabinets can actually make quite a style statement. And because they usually occupy such a small space, it’s easier to take some big risks when it comes to the style of these cabinets. Sleek or minimalist doors, bold hardware, and bright colors can really add visual interest to your bathroom while keeping the commitment factor low; it isn’t too tough to change colors or hardware along with changing home decor trends. And if you’re into a more classic style, that works too: keeping your bathroom cabinets timeless will allow you to blend your bathroom decor seamlessly with the rest of your home. Take a look at a gallery that includes some bathroom cabinet refinishing projects to help get the wheels turning on design ideas for your next project!


Since your bathroom cabinets are going to be exposed to various substances — toothpaste, soap, and lots and lots of water — you want to make sure that they are durable and designed to last. This is especially true if you’d like to repaint or refinish your cabinets. Tackling this project yourself, without the proper tools or products, could end in disaster. Instead, consider leaving it to the pros, and hiring a professional cabinet refinishing company to handle the project for you. That way, you can rest assured that your cabinets will be left with a durable finish, able to handle whatever your family throws at them.


Caring for your bathroom cabinets shouldn’t be too difficult, as long as you stay on top of it. Try to keep them as clean and dry as possible, wiping off any spills as soon as possible. Also keep the hardware polished, including the hinges; you don’t want any tarnish or rust developing. As long as your cabinets are painted with the right products, the upkeep should be a breeze!

The bottom line is this: your bathroom cabinets deserve some love, too. Don’t let this important part of your home go ignored! Put a little effort into the style, quality and care of your bathroom cabinets, and see the difference it can make in your house.

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