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Why You Shouldn’t Attempt a DIY Cabinet Refacing

If you’re looking to refresh the look of your kitchen or bathroom, you may be considering refacing your cabinets. And if you feel like you’re particularly handy, you may be thinking about trying the job yourself.

While we’re sure you’re very capable of doing some parts of the job, there are a few reasons it’s best to let a professional handle cabinet refacing. 

In this blog, we’ll share 3 reasons you shouldn’t attempt a DIY cabinet refacing:

  1. You’ll likely cut corners—without even realizing it
  2. Cabinet refacing is time-consuming for an amateur
  3. Your cabinets may have underlying issues only a professional can fix

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Reason #1: You’ll likely cut corners—without even realizing it

Achieving beautiful, refaced cabinets requires time and advanced skill. Some homeowners who attempt to reface their own cabinets cut corners (often unknowingly) because they don’t have the time or knowledge for the job.

For example, most homeowners don’t know…

  1. You have to take the doors OFF the boxes for best results. Most homeowners don’t have the time (or space) to do this.
  2. You have to sand, clean and prime the doors properly before ever applying your first coat of paint.
  3. You have to apply even coats of paint. We have professional spray booths that allow for even, smooth coatings that the average homeowner cannot achieve.

All in all, we see handfuls of DIY projects gone wrong every year due to homeowners not fully understanding how much time and skill goes into a cabinet refacing job. These homeowners typically seek our help to undo a refacing/painting job that didn’t go to plan. Unfortunately, the cost to redo a DIY job is typically more expensive (and takes longer) than other projects.

Reason #2: Cabinet refacing is time-consuming for an amateur

A professional cabinet refacing job can take as little as 3 days to complete.

If you attempt to do it yourself, the job can easily take several weeks—and more often than not we see DIY projects ultimately take up to a month to complete. And that’s just taking into account the labor time, not including the time it takes to track down all of the hardware you need for the job.

Plus, if you hire an experienced contractor, you know the job will be done right the first time. When you reface your cabinets alone, you could make mistakes that will only take more time (and money) to correct.

Reason #3: Your cabinets may have underlying issues only a professional can fix

If you decide to attempt the refacing job yourself, you run the risk of quickly getting in over your head.

Some cabinets are so warped, rotted or old that they cannot successfully be refaced. Unfortunately, the only option in those situations is to completely replace the cabinets.

While you may think your cabinets are in good condition, some water damage is hard to spot until you start removing doors and drawers. The last thing you want is to be in the middle of the project, only to discover that your cabinets cannot be successfully refaced.

It’s less expensive and time-consuming to hire a professional from the get-go. Cabinet contractors know how to quickly spot issues with your cabinets, and can recommend long-term solutions if your cabinets are in poor shape.

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