The Best Cabinets For Your Cabin

Need some inspiration for new cabinets in your cabin? The type of cabinets you should go with depends heavily on your cabin’s theme and decor.

In this blog, we’ll cover:

  • Different types of cabinets
  • The best cabinets for your cabin style

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Types of cabinets

You can choose from 4 different types of kitchen or bathroom cabinets:

  • Raised panel: Have a center panel that sits at the same level as the frame, set apart by beveling or carving.
  • Recessed panel: Have a raised outer edge with a center panel that’s recessed to sit at a lower level than the edge. Shaker cabinets are a popular recessed cabinet style.
  • Slab or flat panel: Have no raised or recessed panel to give the door or drawer front a completely flat look.
  • Glass cabinets: Have a glass center panel, which may also have some decorative design, dividing panels, or mesh inserts.

We’ll go over which type of cabinets work well with different cabin styles.

Best cabinets for your cabin style

Now, we’ll go over the best cabinets for the following cabin styles:

  • Cottage or shabby chic
  • Scandinavian or ultra-modern
  • French country or modern farmhouse
  • Rustic or modern country
  • Transitional or contemporary

Conversion varnish vs. lacquer vs. polyurethane

We’ll cover how conversion varnish differs from and is similar to two other common wood cabinet finishes: lacquer and polyurethane.

Cottage or shabby chic

Cottage style and shabby chic cabins are defined by a more eclectic decor. Both styles have a more vintage, antique French style but offer a timeless, comfortable feeling.

Cottage or shabby chic cabins looks best with:

  • Shaker cabinets: Shaker cabinets have a minimal design, giving them a contemporary yet timeless look.
  • Glass cabinets: The visibility of glass cabinets give you the chance to show off eccentric decor and dinnerware.

As far as cabinet colors go, white and cream are a popular choice for cottage or shabby chic cabins, but they also look great with colors like:

  • Powder blue
  • Sage green
  • Navy
  • Dark grey

Scandinavian or ultra-modern

Like ultra-modern cabin styles, Scandinavian cabins focus on simplicity and texture.

For the minimal design of Scandinavian or ultra-modern cabins, slab cabinets are the way to go.

Many homeowners go with black or white for flat panel cabinets, but you can also choose a light or dark natural wood finish to bring some natural texture into your cabin.

French country or modern farmhouse

French country and modern farmhouse cabins are characterized by a mixture of French antique and modern decor to give them a varied yet era-generic look.

To carry the french country or modern farmhouse look to your cabinets, you’ll want to go with:

  • Raised panel cabinets: Raised panel cabinets have more ornate detail that pairs nicely with vintage looks.
  • Recessed panel cabinets with molding: The molding gives the cabinets a little extra texture while maintaining the more contemporary look of recessed panel cabinets.

Most French country or modern farmhouse cabins stick with white cabinets to brighten up the space, but many also pair upper white cabinets with a darker color (like navy or dark grey) on the bottom cabinets.

Want more ideas for a country-style cabin? Check out our blog, “9 Ideas for a Country-Style Kitchen.”

Rustic or modern country

Rustic cabins have a woodsy, mountain feel. Modern country cabins have a similar vibe but just have more modern elements throughout the decor.

Depending on your cabin’s style, rustic and modern country cabinets can work with:

  • Raised panel cabinets: Natural wood raised panel cabinets will give you a very traditional rustic look.
  • Shaker cabinets: For more contemporary rustic or modern country cabins, Shaker cabinets have a slightly more modern look than raised panel cabinets, but aren’t as modern as slab cabinets.
  • Flat panel cabinets: For ultra-modern country looks, slab cabinets will give you a sleek, minimal look.

For modern country or rustic cabin cabinet colors, natural wood cabinets are a popular choice to bring the outdoors inside, but you can also achieve that with cabinet colors like:

  • Sandy beige
  • Sage or forest green
  • Slate grey

Check out more rustic cabinet ideas on our blog.

Transitional or contemporary

Contemporary cabins are more modern but feature fewer elements of sleek, squared lines than ultra-modern decor. Transitional cabins have a mixture of both modern and traditional elements to give them the “transition” look.

To keep with more modern elements, most transitional or contemporary cabins have:

  • Recessed panel cabinets: Shaker cabinets or recessed panel cabinets with molding will give a timeless look that suits both modern and traditional decor.
  • Flat panel cabinets: The simple lines of slab cabinets work well for more modern looks in contemporary cabins.

Many contemporary or transitional cabins stick to neutral cabinet colors like white or black to go with various decor styles.

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