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Modifying Cabinets for a Farmhouse Sink

kitchen window over a farmhouse sink

Looking to install a farmhouse sink in your kitchen or bathroom? We’ll go over the following steps you need to take to modify your cabinets so the sink fits:

Before we get into modifying your cabinets, we’ll go over some things you may want to think about when choosing your farmhouse sink.

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How to choose a farmhouse sink

How you modify your cabinets will depend on the type of farmhouse sink (also called an apron sink) you choose.

When choosing a farmhouse sink, think about whether you want:

  • One basin or 2. You can choose whether you want the sink to have one large basin, or a divider that creates 2 basins. Two basins are great if you tend to multi-task and need your sink for 2 things at once.
  • An exposed front apron. Traditional farmhouse sinks have an exposed front apron, but you can install ones that sit in a hole in the countertop (like regular drop-in sinks). If you want a front apron, you can choose one that’s completely smooth or has a subtle design to add a little texture.
  • An undermount, overmount, or flush mount. Undermount farmhouse sinks sit under the countertop, so the sink edge is level with the bottom of the countertop. Overmount farmhouse sinks sit on top of the countertop, so the sink edge is a level above the countertop. Flush mount farmhouse sinks sit at the same level as the top edge of the countertop.

Now, we’ll go over modifying cabinets for the farmhouse sink you chose.

Modifying cabinets for a farmhouse sink

To modify your cabinets, you’ll need the following tools:

  • Measuring tape
  • Pencil/marker
  • Screws
  • Power drill
  • Jigsaw or table saw

We’ll go over the process in detail, so you don’t miss a step!

1. Remove the doors, drawer fronts, and countertop

To prep the cabinets for modifying, remove the cabinet doors and false drawer fronts on the face frame. You’ll also need to remove the countertop to modify it for the new sink. Don’t forget to take out your old sink!

If you’ve thought about changing your cabinet color, this would be a good opportunity to do so—while your cabinets are dismantled and out of commission.

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Next, it’s time to grab the measuring

2. Measure the sink and cabinets

You’ll need to measure your sink and cabinet to know how much of the cabinet to cut out.

To measure the cabinet:

  1. Measure the height, width, and depth of the cabinet box holding the sink.
  2. Measure your new sink to know how much of the cabinet you’ll need to cut.
  3. Mark the cabinet with the sink measurements, so you know exactly where you’ll need to cut.

Visit our blog “How to Measure Kitchen Cabinets” for more instructions on measuring cabinets.

Once you have your measurements, you’ll need your jigsaw or table saw.

3. Cut the cabinets

Once you know exactly where you’re going to cut, use a jigsaw to cut the cabinet face frame. If using a table saw, you’ll need to remove and disassemble the cabinet box completely.

Pro tip: Farmhouse sinks can be much heavier than regular drop-in sinks. If you’re installing a sink significantly heavier than the one you’re removing, consider adding additional support for the sink.

You can do this by adding support beams and a layer of plywood (for even more support) to the inside of the cabinet.

You should then be ready to start cutting the countertop.

4. Cut the countertops

If you want to update your countertops while you’re renovating, now’s a good time to do it—since you’ll need to cut the countertop to accommodate the farmhouse sink.

Regular “drop-in” basin sinks need a hole in the countertop to rest on top of it. Most farmhouse sinks (unless you chose one without a front apron) sit between 2 sections of countertop.

When cutting the countertops, keep in mind the kind of mount your sink has. You’ll need to leave enough room so the sink can sit under or above the countertop as designed.

Now, let’s get that sink installed!

5. Install the sink and countertops

Whether you install the sink or countertop first depends on the kind of sink mount you bought.

If you bought a sink that has an:

  • Undermount, you’ll need to install the sink before the countertop.
  • Overmount or flush mount, you’ll need to install the countertop before installing the sink.

Don’t forget to caulk the edges of your new sink where it meets the countertop. This helps prevent water from leaking under the sink and into the cabinets you spent so much effort modifying. If you get water-damaged cabinets, they’ll likely need to be replaced altogether.

Now for the finishing touches.

6. Install new cabinet doors

Your old cabinet doors are likely too large to fit the new cabinet with the farmhouse sink—especially if you got a sink with a front apron. You’ll need to install smaller doors that fit beneath the sink.

Need help modifying your cabinets for a farmhouse sink?

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