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Top Kitchen Cabinet Trends for 2022

Thinking of giving your kitchen an upgrade? To help give you a bit of inspiration, we’ll go over the top 6 kitchen cabinet trends we’re seeing in 2022:

  1. Earthy colors and materials
  2. Bold details
  3. Shaker-style panels
  4. Textured elements
  5. Custom organization
  6. Extra-long or double islands

We’ll give you examples of each trend for more inspiration.

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Earthy Colors and Materials

Expect to see a lot of cabinets finished in off white, taupe, greige, and other neutral colors.

A lot of Phoenix homeowners are going with neutral, earth-toned colors and natural materials for kitchen cabinets.

This year, we expect to see a lot of cabinets finished with:

  • Off-white and taupe
  • Greige (gray-beige)
  • Gray-green (like sage) or gray-blue (think smoky blue)
  • Natural wood (oak cabinets are making a comeback)

Another popular trend is to go bold with certain cabinet details.

Bold Details

If you’ve been researching kitchen ideas, you’ve probably noticed that minimalism is popular right now. To make their minimal kitchen cabinets unique, many homeowners opt to go bold and creative with select details.

For example, we’re seeing a lot of:

  • Busy, bold wallpaper in the back of cabinets with glass panels or open shelving. This adds a nice pop of color and interest to your kitchen, especially if you plan on staying cohesive and neutral elsewhere.
  • Small sections of kitchen cabinets finished with bold colors. The island or full-length cabinets are a small enough area of cabinets to complement the main cabinet color with a bold one. For example, if your cabinets are light gray or off-white, they’d look great with a dark gray or navy blue accent cabinet.
  • Mixed metals on cabinet hardware and kitchen fixtures. If it works with your kitchen’s theme, you can have different metal finishes on cabinet pulls, plumbing and lighting fixtures, and appliances. For example, black lighting fixtures go great with brass plumbing fixtures and cabinet hardware. Or you can mix brass and stainless cabinet pulls with black appliances.

If you want a bold cabinet color but a simplistic cabinet design, consider Shaker cabinets.

Shaker Cabinets

Shaker style cabinets are a type of cabinet design that have five-piece doors (a four-piece frame with a flat recessed center panel). Shaker-style drawers can also have a recessed panel or a flat, slab panel.

Shaker cabinets are a popular choice for homeowners who want a simple, timeless design that doesn’t look too trendy. The sleek design is also easier to clean than most raised-panel cabinets.

Shaker cabinets look great in all types of kitchens, including ones with textured elements.

Textured Elements

Glazed tiles can contrast cabinets with a pop of color or a subtle gleam.

If you want to subtly make a statement, you can add some textured elements on or around your cabinets.

For example, you can add an interesting texture with:

  • Countertops. Marble and granite countertops add natural texture with their unique speckled and wavy formations. You can also find quartz countertops that mimic marble and granite textures. Learn more about granite and quartz countertops in our blog.
  • Backsplashes. Glazed tiles can contrast cabinets with a pop of color or a subtle gleam. For a more natural look, you can install a marble slab, tiled or solid wood, slate or other stone tiles, or shiplap. And metal sheets or tiles, like tin or copper, give a nice shine or an interesting texture (if you choose decorative tiles).
  • Cabinet panels. You can choose from a variety of cabinet panel shapes and styles. Cabinet panels can be rectangular, arched, cathedral (arched with a bell curve), or multi-panel (2 frames). You can also install glass-paneled cabinets that have clear or frosted solid glass, leaded glass with a design, or wire mesh between 2 panes of glass. You can get more ideas for different cabinet panel styles in our blog.

Another trend is to customize your cabinets with organization features.

Custom Organization

You can choose to customize cabinets with features that help you organize your kitchen better, keep it looking clean, and allow it to feel more luxurious.

For example, you can install:

  • Sliding racks to store pots and pans, small appliances, or spices and other pantry items.
  • Drawers with dividers to organize flatware, kitchen tools, and cooking utensils.
  • Pull-out trash and recycling bins to keep unsightly cans hidden behind cabinet doors.
  • Built-in refrigerators, warming drawers, or wine coolers to give your kitchen an extravagant, more cohesive look.

A great place for custom cabinet organization is in kitchen islands.

Extra-Long or Double Islands

While kitchen islands aren’t anything new, we’ve seen two new trends:

  • Extra-long islands: If your kitchen has the space, an extra-long island will give you extra storage and working space while making your kitchen look more upscale.
  • Double islands: Instead of one long island, install two smaller islands with a counter or bar to serve as a breakfast nook or functional workspace.

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