Kitchen Cabinet Color Trends 2021

Looking to update the look and feel of your kitchen cabinets?

To help give you a little inspiration, we’ll go over the 6 most popular kitchen cabinet color trends we’re seeing in 2021:

  1. Gray-green or gray-blue
  2. Greige (gray-beige)
  3. White
  4. Black
  5. Bold and bright
  6. Two-tone

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Trend #1: Gray-green or gray-blue

Mixing gray with green or blue helps bring a little color to your kitchen cabinets while still staying somewhat neutral.

Gray-green and gray-blue colors will be primarily gray, but have green or blue undertones that give them a little more depth.

Some great gray-green kitchen cabinet colors include:

  • Sage
  • Spruce
  • Eucalyptus

Some great gray-blue kitchen cabinet colors include:

  • Slate
  • Steel blue
  • Smoky blue

Trend #2: Greige (gray-beige)

A relatively new trend for kitchen cabinet colors, greige is a combination of gray and beige.

Available in lighter or darker shades, greige is a happy medium for those looking for kitchen cabinets that have a warmer undertone than gray, but not so warm as the full-on tan of beige.

If you happen to have gray floors, greige is a great neutral kitchen cabinet color for gray floors.

Trend #3: White

White (or off-white) is a timeless color choice for kitchen cabinets.

White cabinets work with just about any kitchen style—whether you’re a fan of sleek, glossy cabinets for an ultra-modern look or prefer matte Shaker cabinets for a more contemporary or transitional style.

Trend #4: Black

If your kitchen gets a lot of natural light, black cabinets can create a dark and moody look for your kitchen.

Similar to white cabinets, black cabinets can work in a variety of kitchen styles. Modern kitchens will look better with sleek black panel cabinets, while more traditional or transitional kitchens are better suited for Shaker or more decorative cabinets.

Trend #5: Bold and bright

Not a fan of neutral kitchen cabinets? We don’t blame you for wanting to get colorful in your kitchen—especially when you have the cabinet finish options to make your kitchen as fun and bold as you want.

Some great bold and bright kitchen cabinet colors include:

  • Hunter or forest green
  • Navy or cobalt blue
  • Teal
  • Dark red
  • Mustard or sunshine yellow
  • Eggplant or lavendar

Not to mention, bright and bold kitchen cabinets look great with stainless steel appliances.

Trend #6: Two-tone cabinets

Having trouble deciding on a single color for your kitchen cabinets?

Another popular kitchen cabinet trend we’re seeing is two-tone cabinets, where you choose one color for the upper cabinets and another for the lower.

Some popular two-tone kitchen cabinet color combinations we’re seeing are:

  • Shades of the same color: Whether you want to stay neutral with gray or go bold with green or purple, you can go with a light shade on top and a dark shade on bottom cabinets for an interesting, yet cohesive look.
  • White with colors: Since white goes great with any color, having white upper cabinets and a light color (like sage, powder blue or yellow) or a dark color (like black, navy or forest green) on the bottom cabinets brings some nice contrast into your kitchen.
  • Mixing with wood: Natural wood is a timeless finish for kitchen cabinets. Mixing wood cabinets with a color—whether you prefer something neutral like greige or vibrant like eggplant—is a great way to add some natural texture to your kitchen.

Ready to update your kitchen cabinet color?

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