Retro blue kitchen

Kitchen Cabinet Color Trends in 2020

There’s nothing like the classic and timeless appeal of an all-white kitchen. But if you’re ready for something fresh and exciting for your kitchen cabinets, you’re not alone.

These days, kitchen cabinets are reveling in color! 

That’s right, interior designers are exploring a range of colors, hues, and shades—with gray, two-toned, and even blue cabinets dominating the trends this year. While wood-stained kitchen cabinets will still be popular for those looking for a more traditional look, if you’re looking for a pop of color, we’ve got you covered.

Here are the top kitchen cabinet colors for 2020 to keep you trendy:

  • Blue
  • Two-toned 
  • Gray 
  • Black
  • High-gloss

We know finding the right color for kitchen cabinets can be a daunting task, so we’ll explore these options in more detail below. 

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Top color trends


Retro blue kitchen

If you’re looking to create a more laid back, relaxed, or even retro environment in your home, blue could be the color for you. 

Blue cabinets provide a wanted contrast to stark white kitchens and can easily transform your space to feel more welcoming and familiar.  

The majority of blues you’ll find on kitchen cabinets aren’t cerulean or primary blue, but rather a gray-based navy. This grayish-blue is more neutral in the kitchen, but still fun and bright. And as high-contrast styles continue to gain popularity, you’ll most likely see more and more hues of blue come into play. 


Monochrome grey and white kitchen interior

If you’re a fan of contemporary kitchens and white is your go-to vibe, two-toned kitchen cabinets could be right up your alley.

Two-toned cabinets are typically comprised of white uppers paired with a darker color base cabinet, so you can get the best of both worlds. As mentioned above, shades of blue are an extremely popular choice for kitchens in 2020 and make a great choice for a lower color. Other popular lower colors are gray, mint green, canary yellow, and dark purple. 

The white uppers allow just enough contrast and neutrality to allow for a bolder pop of color on your base cabinets, without an overwhelming total overhaul. Keep in mind, white should be used on top, with the darker color on the base. Darker colors near the ceiling can make ceilings appear lower than they actually are, which should be avoided, especially if you already have low ceilings.


Kitchen cabinets and eletric oven on ceramic tiles floor, front view. 3d illustration

Gray has been taking over flooring and wall colors for a few years now, so it’s no surprise it’s becoming one of the more popular kitchen cabinet color trends as well. Today, you can find dark gray grout is dominating the backsplash scene and light gray cabinets are popping up all over. 

Additionally, a cross between gray and beige, a.k.a. “greige” is very popular. This is a great alternative for those looking for a neutral color, but aren’t a fan of standard grays or classic white. Whether you want a light gray, dark gray, or even blue-gray, it’s very easy to construct the kitchen of your dreams using shades of gray in 2020 as the options are seemingly endless. 


Kitchen interior with black cabinets

The black kitchen is a courageous delve into the dark side, but it doesn’t have to mean moody. Rather, it can be sleek, chic, and sophisticated. Black is edgy, yet classic – and definitely one of our favorite trends of 2020. 

One appeal of the black kitchen is often in how striking black is against contrasting colors. For example, black cabinets paired with warm wood shelves or a white backsplash can achieve an ultra-polished look. 

Before you decide on this monochromatic look, take note of natural light filtering through the room and surrounding spaces. Not all blacks are created equal, and you may want to scale your shade bluer or a starker, true black depending on your preference.  

High Gloss

High gloss cabinets

If you’re looking to achieve an ultra-modern appearance, high-gloss cabinets are fashionable and becoming increasingly popular. Although this trend isn’t for every kitchen, it fits very well with minimalist and contemporary homes. You can combine white, high-gloss cabinets with aluminum accessories or steel finishes for a very modern and sleek space.

Oftentimes, glossy surfaced cabinets are actually acrylic. Acrylic surfaces allow for a more high-gloss appearance and a richer color. These cabinets can be entirely acrylic or acrylic-faced.

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