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How Long Does Cabinet Refacing Take?

If you’re looking to give your kitchen cabinets a makeover but aren’t quite sure that you have the time to invest in a major home renovation project, refacing is an excellent option.

Generally speaking, refacing is when your cabinet doors and drawer fronts are replaced and either a veneer or coating is applied to the cabinet boxes to give them a brand-new look.

Not only is refacing cost-effective — it’s a quick way to upgrade your cabinets, as most refacing projects can be completed in less than a week.

While this timeframe is typical, there are a few factors that can cause a refacing project to take a little longer, such as:

  1. The contractor you hire to install the cabinets
  2. The size of the kitchen and the number of cabinets
  3. Any additional renovations

In this blog, we’ll go over how each of the above factors can impact your project timeline, starting with the most important factor: the contractor you choose to do your refacing project.

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Factor #1: The contractor you hire to install the cabinets

While there are definitely some very capable DIYers out there, refacing cabinets on your own can take much longer. If you want your refacing job to be done quickly and last for years to come, we recommend hiring a professional.

3 more reasons to hire a professional:

  • They have access to professional equipment and high-quality materials.
  • The job will be done right the first time. A DIYer could make mistakes that will only take more time (and money) to correct.
  • They’re trained to spot issues and can recommend long-term solutions if your cabinets are in bad shape.

So, now that we’ve established it’s best to hire a professional, it’s also important to note that not all contractors are equal. Contractors use a variety of methods which can impact the overall time spent on your project, so understanding the version of refacing that they use is key.

While most companies will replace your cabinet doors, the material they use to coat/cover your cabinets can mean the difference between a mediocre job and a job that will last for decades.

Some contractors use veneers to cover the front of your new cabinet doors, which unfortunately, is an inferior method compared to doors coated with a high-grade finish.

The Cabinet Coatings process

More reputable companies, like Cabinet Coatings, know that the only way to achieve high-quality, long-lasting refaced cabinets is by using the most high-grade quality finish available. We’ll install brand-new locally-sourced cabinet doors that are custom-designed to suit your timeline, individual style preferences and budget. We never use veneers — instead, we add 2-3 applications of our ultra-durable coating product to your new cabinet doors in whatever color and finish style you desire.

Factor #2: The size of your kitchen and amount of cabinets

Another important factor that could impact your project timeline is the size of your kitchen, the complexity of its layout and the amount of cabinets you’re refacing.

While the majority of projects can still be completed in less than a week, if you have an excessive number of cabinets, your project can take longer to complete. In addition, the layout of your cabinetry can add complexity to the job, which in turn, can extend the project’s timeline. Things like corner cabinets with double-hinged doors or tight angles can be more difficult to work around, thereby increasing time required to complete.

Factor #3: Any additional renovations

The last factor that can impact your timeline is whether refacing your cabinets is part of a larger remodel. If you’re just refacing your cabinets at this time and doing nothing else, your project timeframe should remain the same.

On the other hand, if you are looking to install new countertops or add tile work, re-do the backsplash, or more — your project will take longer.

If you’re interested in giving your cabinets an upgrade, but you want to weigh your options first, we’ve got you covered. Here’s a breakdown of the different services we offer at Cabinet Coatings.

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