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How Long Does Cabinet Refacing Last?

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Refacing is an excellent way to upgrade your cabinets, especially if you’re looking to give your room an entirely new look and feel without the price tag of a full remodel.

So, how long does cabinet refacing last?

With proper care, refaced cabinets can last decades, but a few factors will affect the lifespan and overall durability of your refaced cabinets, including:

In this blog, we’ll dive deeper into each of the above factors, as well as provide you with some tips for keeping your refaced cabinets looking like new for years to come.

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Factor #1: The original condition of cabinets

Not every cabinet is a good candidate for refacing. And despite what you may think, the age of the cabinet isn’t the dealbreaker. That’s because in many cases, older cabinet boxes actually have sturdier construction than a lot of the newer, factory-manufactured boxes.

The best cabinet candidates for refacing have the following elements:

  1. Sturdy box construction made of smooth plywood or MDF panels that are in good condition.
  2. Face frames that are made of solid, quality hardwood. Good hardwood face frames will anchor new doors the best.
  3. Internal hardware, like drawer tracks, that are in good condition. If drawers can’t operate smoothly or if the cabinets are missing shelving and other storage accessories, refacing might not be worth the expense.

Factor #2: Who performs the refacing and the quality of their work

Although it is possible for a highly-skilled DIYer to reface cabinets, it doesn’t always mean they should, especially if you want your refacing to last.

Refaced cabinets typically last much longer if you hire a professional — and here are a few reasons why:

  • They have the knowledge and experience to help you determine whether or not your cabinets are good candidates for refacing and can help you select the best materials to suit your style and budget.
  • They have access to professional equipment and products. For example, at Cabinet Coatings, we replace your cabinet doors completely with brand-new solid wood doors and apply our ultra-durable coating process with the new color of your choice.
  • Their experience often lends to faster, more quality work.
  • Most contractors guarantee their work, meaning — if you’re not satisfied with the outcome of your project, you can oftentimes have it fixed at no additional cost.

However, it’s important to note that not all contractors have the same refacing process.

Many companies go the cheap route and apply a plastic or wood veneer over existing cabinet doors, boxes and drawer fronts.

If you’re not familiar with veneers, they damage easily and don’t last. This process can leave your doors damaged and cracked within a year or two, in which case it may not be worth the time or cost of the project.

Unlike our competitors, here at Cabinet Coatings, we never use veneers. Instead, for our refacing services, we'll use your existing cabinet boxes and layout, but completely replace your doors with brand-new, solid wood doors from a local Phoenix-based cabinet maker. We also always apply a high-quality, durable finish. We’ll also teach you how to properly care for your new cabinets, so you can help them retain their high-quality look for longer.

Learn more about why Cabinet Coatings will never use veneers for your cabinets.

Factor #3: How your cabinets are cared for after refacing

After you’ve completed your renovation, removed all construction debris and cleaned up your space, the next thought on your mind is likely: “How do I make sure my refaced cabinets last?”

Here are a few tips to ensure your refaced cabinets last for years to come:

  1. Limit cooking element exposure — Turn on your oven hood fan when cooking to draw heat, water and smoke away from your cabinets.
  2. Handle carefully —Never open cabinet doors or drawers while holding anything abrasive, such as a sharp knife or rough, abrasive cleaning pad to avoid scratches or deep nicks.
  3. Keep them clean — Dust, grease and water can create a thick, unsightly film that dulls wood or laminate. Wipe down your cabinets every two weeks with a damp cloth sprayed with a wood- or laminate-approved cleaning agent.

Ready to give your cabinets an upgrade?

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