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The Durability and Longevity of Refaced Cabinets

When you want to give your fixtures a makeover but don't want the hassle of a complete replacement, refacing your cabinets may be the ideal solution. This process involves cleaning and sanding down cabinet boxes, then adding a fresh finish and completely replacing the door and drawer panels.

While this type of remodeling project may save you money, you may be wondering about the durability and longevity of refaced cabinets, so we've assembled answers to customers' most common questions about refacing their fixtures.

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Factors that Impact the Longevity of Resurfaced Cabinets

Refaced cabinets are generally very durable, handling the passage of time and frequent use with ease. Several factors, however, impact the longevity of refaced cabinets. These factors include the materials, workmanship, and care that goes into maintaining the fixtures.

The Durability of Wood vs. Particle Board

While you might think newer is better, in most cases, older wood cabinet boxes handle refacing better than their modern factory-made counterparts made with particle board. Wood is hands down more durable than particle board because it doesn't break down over time like compressed wood products and supports more weight over the long term. Particle board degradation may also damage drawer tracks and prevent smooth operation.

Likewise, properly sealed wood resists moisture and doesn't warp in damp settings like particle board. And though particle board cabinet boxes allow refacing, you may encounter issues if new screw holes for hardware are necessary since you can't drill the material. This means that refaced cabinet boxes with wood construction handle use and time much better than their particle board counterparts.

Installation Quality

In almost every case, hiring a professional for refacing services is the best solution, especially when you want to ensure the durability and longevity of your cabinets. However, remember that not all contractors and services are created equally. You need someone with cabinet-refacing experience and a wealth of knowledge to help you through the process.

For instance, the professionals at Cabinet Coatings not only provide quality craftsmanship with brand-new solid wood doors, but they also offer expert advice when it comes to colors and coatings. Likewise, this family-owned and operated company (started in 1996) boasts honest and upfront pricing and same-day no-obligation quotes for a job done right the first time.

How Well You Maintain Your Cabinets

Regular (and proper!) cleaning, mindful kitchen practices, and regular maintenance can further extend the life spans of your newly refaced cabinets. For instance, biweekly wipe-downs with a damp cloth and a gentle cleanser that's safe for wood and laminate keep refaced cabinets looking great over the long term by removing grease and dust buildup. Likewise, minimizing heat and humidity by turning on a fan or opening your kitchen window can reduce steam from appliances like your stove and dishwasher. Also, be sure not to hang wet towels against the cabinets to diminish moisture against the refaced surfaces.

Careful handling ensures refaced cabinets last the long haul, which means closing them gently rather than slamming them shut. Mindfulness with sharp objects can also decrease the chance of scratches and abrasions. During your biweekly cleaning routine, check hardware like handles, knobs, and hinges, and tighten any loose ones to keep your refaced cabinets in good repair. If your current cabinets are on their last legs, schedule a free in-home estimate with Cabinet Coatings to get a fresh start with refacing options.

How Long Cabinets Typically Last

When you choose tough materials and high-quality craftsmanship, refaced cabinets can last several decades when you maintain them properly. Remember that the process also matters, so call professionals such as Cabinet Coatings when you want the job done right the first time.

When to Choose Refacing vs. Replacement

Wondering whether to reface or replace your cabinets? Refacing cabinets works best when your fixtures are already in good shape. For example, you're a good candidate for refacing if you have an older home with solid wood cabinet boxes and well-kept internal components like drawer tracks. If you have particle board cabinets or damage that can't be easily repaired, it may be best to replace them entirely.

When you call Cabinet Coatings for a free consultation, we provide expert advice as to whether refacing your cabinets makes sense or whether your fixtures need replacing. We offer same-day, no-obligation quotes, and our honest, upfront pricing lets you feel confident when you're budgeting for your home improvement project.

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