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How to Create an Arizona-Inspired Home

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Are you looking to bring a little more of Arizona’s Sonoran desert into your home?

To create an Arizona-inspired or “desert modern” home, you’ll want to go with:

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Style tip #1: Neutral desert colors

While the desert landscape is predominantly a range of browns and oranges, it also has bright pops of color—like the red and yellow blooms on a Saguaro cactus or the pink and purple of mountains at sunset.

When decorating your home, choose colors from an earthy neutral palette. Think mostly light browns and creams, combined with the occasional hint of either:

  • Dark neutral colors like burnt orange or dark brown.
  • Bright, vibrant colors like hot pink or deep purple.

Neutral colors will allow you to get creative with desert-inspired patterns in your living space.

Style tip #2: Geometric patterns

The geometric patterns of Native American decor have become a staple of the modern desert look.

You don’t want to overdo the patterns (a little goes a long way), but the occasional toss pillow, throw blanket, wall hanging, or tile backsplash will help add color and style to your Arizona-inspired home.

Geometric patterns look best with simple, unadorned furniture materials—like soft, worn leather.

Style tip #3: Leather furniture

Leather has long since been (and still is) an essential element of the Southwest. Going with leather furniture will give your space the more rustic look associated with Arizona.

Light or dark brown leather is a classic choice for a more traditional look. If you’re going for something more modern, black or white leather can pull off the contemporary desert look without looking too Old West.

Love the rustic look? Learn how to bring it into your kitchen in our blog, “10 Rustic Kitchen Cabinet Ideas.”

Not to mention, the smooth texture of leather furniture contrasts nicely with rough, hearty desert plants.

Style tip #4: Desert-inspired plants

What is a desert-themed home without a few prickly plants?

To bring the Sonoran desert terrain tastefully into your home, place small cacti and succulents in places like:

  • Living room coffee or side tables
  • Bedroom nightstands or dressers
  • Kitchen and bathroom counters or shelves (if you have open shelving)

You can also get larger plants to act as interesting statement pieces. The natural green will pop against the neutrals throughout the room.

The best part? Desert plants are easy to maintain, so you don’t have to have a green thumb to keep them alive.

Plus, desert foliage looks great amidst Arizona textiles.

Style tip #5: Textures and textiles

The key to any Arizona-inspired look is an eclectic mix of desert textures and textiles. A variety of textures add depth and intrigue to the room.

For desert modern textiles, decorate the space with elements like:

  • Vibrant, geometric rugs, tapestries and throw pillows
  • Sheepskin and cowhide rugs or throw blankets
  • Worn leather chairs and sofas

To get creative with implementing desert textures throughout your home, you can go with:

  • Concrete or natural hardwood flooring. Concrete brings in the feel of natural stone found in the Sonoran desert. Natural hardwood will give you a cozier feel while channeling the brown hues of the desert landscape. If you’re remodeling your kitchen and leaning toward concrete or another grey flooring, see the best cabinet colors for grey floors.
  • Brick walls or fireplaces. With brick elements, you’ll get Arizona inspiration in both the rugged texture and the terracotta orange color frequently found in the desert.
  • Granite or quartz countertops that have a natural stone look. Granite or granite-looking countertops can be paired with modern and traditional elements to give you a classic or ultra-modern Arizona home.

Want Arizona-inspired cabinets too?

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