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The Process of Cabinet Refacing: What To Expect

Man using a phillips head screw driver in his left had to adjust the screw on the inside of a white framed cabinet.

When guests enter your kitchen, one of the first things that catch their eye is your cabinets. Kitchen cabinets are more than a way to store your dishes and other kitchenware. They frame your entire dining area and help accentuate your decor. With time, your cabinets appear duller than they once were. This is an especially common phenomenon with wood cabinets, which may appear lackluster after a certain number of years.

A common solution for this is a process known as cabinet refacing, which is also known as resurfacing. Refreshing your cabinets can help breathe new life into them and elevate the look of your entire kitchen. If you need help with what to expect from restoring your cabinets, we have all the details you're looking for.

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Free In-Home Consultation

Before you schedule professional cabinet refacing, you'll want to chat with an expert to get the most out of the process. Some cabinet refacing companies offer free consultations to help you make the optimal choice for your needs.

Scheduling a free consultation is the best way to ensure your goals are met. A consultation will give you a clear picture of what the company can do to help make your dream cabinets a reality. If you're satisfied with what they offer, they will then discuss the timeline of the cabinet refacing process and walk you through each phase so that you know what to expect.

Review Options and Pricing

As part of your free consultation, experts will take the time to discuss the various refacing options available to you. Whether you're looking to change the style of your cabinets or refinish them with a new color, there are endless ways to upgrade the appearance of your kitchen cabinets. The expert will be more than happy to discuss your goals in-depth and give you a closer look at our refacing methods to ensure your needs align with our services.

You can also expect a clear overview of pricing during your consultation. The consultants should always be honest and upfront about prices, so you don't have to worry about surprises once the refacing process begins. During this stage, you can assess your budget and compare our prices against it. With such a wide range of services available, you'll likely have no problem finding an option that fits your needs.

Cabinet Refacing Process

Once you've agreed on pricing and approved a project timeline, the cabinet refacing process can officially begin. There are three main stages involved in the process that occurs in 3 days. Here's a quick overview of each one:

Day 1: Washing, Patching, Sanding

Before refacing your cabinets, professionals thoroughly clean them with a powerful grease-cutting solution. They then patch up any existing holes or cracks for a smoother installation. Lastly, they sand down the cabinet boxes so that the new coating has an excellent surface to grip. At our workshop, our team adds an ultra-durable coating product to your brand-new cabinet doors.

Day 2: Coating the Cabinet Boxes

The professionals ensure your floors, counters, and appliances are covered and protected. Then, they apply the same ultra-durable coating product to your cabinet boxes. This helps give them a refreshed appearance that instantly makes them look brand new.

Day 3: Installation & Final Walk-Through

When the installation is complete, you'll have the chance to watch your dull, uninspired kitchen cabinets transform into rejuvenated ones. This seemingly simple step can potentially change your entire dining area for the better.

At Cabinet Coatings, your satisfaction is of utmost importance to us. We want to ensure you're thrilled with the results of your refaced cabinets. That's why we always include a final walk-through as the last step of the cabinet refacing process. During the walk-through, you can see the results of our experts' hard work for yourself. We're always committed to outstanding service, and part of that commitment is wanting to exceed your expectations.

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