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Cabinet Painting vs. Cabinet Refacing: Here’s What Every Arizona Homeowner Should Know

Changing your cabinets can be an easy and affordable way to improve the overall look of your kitchen/bathroom space. But what’s the best way to go about it?

Should you paint or reface your existing cabinets?

The answer can vary as it all depends on your budget and desired results.

However, calling in professionals for either option is your best bet if you want to save money and have lasting results. (DIY painting and refacing is not recommended, as it will likely result in a longer, messier and more costly project in the end).

In this article, we’ll go over the pros and cons of professional painting and refacing, including the differences in:

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Price: Refacing vs Painting Painting

If you’re on a tight budget, repainting cabinets is definitely the cheaper route.

On average, a typical professional paint job ranges between $2,500 and $10,000 depending on the project.

Depending on the contractor, a cabinet repainting job typically entails:

  • Removing the original layers of paint
  • Sanding down and cleaning the doors
  • Priming the doors
  • Repainting the cabinets

To get a better sense of the price factors for professional cabinet repainting, check out our blog, “How Much Does It Cost to Paint Kitchen Cabinets”.


Refacing is more expensive than painting because the process entails much more than applying new paint.

Refacing services typically cost between $7,000 to $15,000. However, how much you pay will also depend on what the professional actually provides for their refacing service.

For example, at Cabinet Coatings, our refacing services include replacing your cabinet doors with completely new ones. Rather than simply changing the paint color of your cabinets, this process changes the overall look by providing a new door style, structure and hardware, along with a new, durable finish.

We apply that same great coating process to your cabinet boxes too, giving your kitchen, bath, or laundry room an entirely new appearance.

Note: Not every professional will replace cabinet doors during a refacing project. Many contractors use low-quality veneers that are simply glued onto the existing cabinet door. While this option might come with a lower price tag, the quality and longevity of the product is usually compromised compared to complete door replacement.

Longevity: Refacing vs Painting Painting

Painting kitchen cabinets may seem like the economical option at first glance, but can oftentimes cost you more in the end as they don’t last very long and can require additional upkeep.

Other risks of painting cabinets include:

  • The longevity of a paint job depends on the condition of your current doors. If your existing doors are badly damaged, no amount of paint will extend the lifespan of the cabinets as a whole.
  • Not all cabinets can be painted. If your doors are chipped, damaged, or warped – a fresh coat of paint might look better initially but could make flaws more visible.
  • They’re tougher to maintain. Paint more easily accumulates dirt, dust, and grime. Exposed paint is tricky to clean and can be chipped, cracked, and damaged easily with vigorous scrubbing or tough cleaning solutions.
  • They will chip, crack, and scuff. Unfortunately, no matter how well you prepare – painting is not as durable or long-lasting as its professional counterpart.

Unlike paint, the pros at Cabinet Coatings can bring your cabinets back to life with our high-performance coating. We make sure your floors, counters and appliances are protected, then we apply multiple coats of our long-lasting, water-borne coating process. Reach out to one of our pros for details at (480) 641-9611.


Cabinet refacing projects typically last much longer than a simple paint job.

That’s because refacing actually improves the structural integrity of the cabinetry. With completely new, solid wood, custom-designed doors, you get more durable and long-lasting results than a normal repainting job.

Not only will the cabinets look newer for longer, but they’ll also be more resistant to everyday wear and tear.

Level of change: Refacing vs Painting Painting

Painting cabinets involves simply changing the color of your cabinets with oil or latex paint. This will give your old cabinets a new color, but not much else will change.


Refacing your cabinets will give your entire room a new look and feel.

Refacing with Cabinet Coatings involves replacing your old cabinet doors and drawer fronts with new solid wood ones that are custom-designed for you, along with new finishing and new hardware. We wash and sand your cabinet boxes and apply 2-3 coats of our ultra-durable coating in a color of your choice.

Time commitment: Refacing vs Painting Painting

Typically, painting takes less time than refacing.

The timeline to complete a cabinet painting project will depend on the contractors or painting company you choose. There are several factors that come into play to sufficiently prepare and complete your painting project, such as: removing hardware and doors, priming, sanding, painting, drying time, etc.

At Cabinet Coatings, our refacing process does not take more time than painting, however, it is slightly more expensive. For details, schedule a consultation with one of our professionals.


Like we mentioned, refacing typically takes longer than simply painting your cabinets.

However, the length of time will be determined by your individual project needs and the professional you hire. For example, at Cabinet Coatings, we can handle your refacing project in less than a week, but other contractors may take longer.

Final takeaways

  • Price – Painting is typically less expensive than refacing.
  • Longevity – Refacing lasts longer than painting.
  • Level of change – Refacing provides a more dramatic change to the overall appearance.
  • Time commitment – Painting takes less time than refacing but ultimately requires more upkeep.

Ready for your state-of-the-art cabinet upgrade?

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