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Are Cabinet Makeover Kits Worth It?

If you’re looking to give your kitchen or bathroom cabinets a facelift, a cabinet makeover kit—also called a cabinet refinishing kit or a cabinet refacing kit—may seem like an easy, cost-effective option.

To help you decide, we’ll go over:

  • What cabinet makeover kits consist of
  • Whether cabinet makeover kits work
  • Alternatives to cabinet makeover kits

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What’s Included in Cabinet Makeover Kits

A cabinet refinishing kit gives you all the tools, materials, and instructions needed to refinish any cabinet material—including wood, metal, and (wood, plastic, and vinyl) laminate.

The average cabinet repainting kit costs around $70–$100 and can cover roughly 100 square feet of cabinet space, which usually covers the average-sized kitchen.

Most cabinet makeover kits include:

  • Detailed instructions on preparing the surface and applying the paint
  • Deglosser to roughen up your existing cabinet finish so the new finish sticks
  • Scrubbing pads in case you need to remove more of the existing finish
  • Bond coat that gives your cabinets the new finish color of your choosing
  • Optional decorative glaze to add a decorative finish to your cabinets
  • Glazing cloths to make applying the glaze easier (if you choose to apply it)
  • Topcoat to help protect the finish and make it last longer
  • Stirring sticks to make sure the glaze is completely mixed
  • Brushes or rollers to apply the bond and top coats

We’ll outline the general process most cabinet repainting kits follow:

  1. Clean the cabinets to remove any dirt, dust, grime, or other build-up.
  2. Prep the cabinets with the deglosser and, if needed, the scrubbing pads to roughen up the existing finish.
  3. Apply the bond coat, which goes on like paint but adheres better and is more durable.
  4. Add the decorative glaze if you want a more textured look.
  5. Apply the topcoat, which is a clear finish that provides a layer of protection to the bond coat—helping it last longer.

Now that you know what’s included in a cabinet refinishing kit, we’ll get into whether they actually work.

Whether Cabinet Makeover Kits Work

If all you’re looking for is a quick, easy DIY update, then cabinet makeover kits will get the job done.

But if you’re looking to invest in your kitchen or bathroom with a long-lasting finish, a cabinet repainting kit won’t be the best option. Most reviews of various kits will tell you that the paint doesn’t hold up well and will need to be touched up several months after application—especially if your room gets a lot of use.

If you want a durable finish that will look great for years, you’ll be better off having a professional refinish or reface your cabinets.

Alternatives to Cabinet Makeover Kits

Professional cabinet refinishers have access to high-quality finishes that you can’t find at local home improvement stores.

If you’re looking for a longer-lasting alternative to cabinet refacing kits, consider either a:

  • Cabinet refinishing: Involves completely removing the existing finish from your cabinet boxes, drawers, and drawer fronts, and applying the new finish you choose.
  • Cabinet refacing: Includes everything in a refinishing, plus brand new doors and drawer fronts. To make your refacing last that much longer, our professionals at Cabinet Coatings install doors and drawer fronts made of solid hardwood, instead of plywood or particle board ones that other companies might use but don’t last long.

Some of the perks of going with a professional to update your cabinets include:

  • Better quality finishes. Professional cabinet refinishers have access to high-quality finishes that you can’t find at local home improvement stores. Plus, they’ll be able to show you a wider variety of colors and finish types than what you can find stocked on store shelves.
  • Faster turnaround time. With a cabinet refinishing kit, you have to do all the work—including removing cabinet doors and drawer fronts, taking off hardware, prepping the cabinets, and then refinishing them yourself—which means the job will get done when you can get around to it. By hiring a professional, they’re dedicating entire working days to updating your cabinets, so they’ll be able to get the entire job done within a few days—a week at most.
  • Recommendations for other quality work. Do you want to remodel your entire kitchen or bathroom? If so, professional cabinet refinishers can also recommend—sometimes even work with—other professionals in the industry to help you update flooring, countertops, and more.
  • Guaranteed work. Most quality cabinet companies will back their work with guarantees. At Cabinet Coatings, we guarantee that your cabinets won’t chip, crack, or fade for 5 years after we refinish or reface your cabinets—or we’ll come back and redo the job.

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