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The 3 Best Kitchen Cabinet Colors for Grey Floors

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Grey flooring is a modern, versatile option for your kitchen, but since grey has 2 different hues (cool and warm), your cabinet color needs to be a one that has the same undertones as your flooring.

In this article, we’ll go over:

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Warm grey vs. cool grey floors

When thinking of the color grey, most people assume it’s simply a mixture of black and white. But grey, especially when it comes to floor and paint shades, often has a hint of another color mixed in.

Grey floors have different two hues:

  • Warm grey: Contains hints of yellow, orange or red to give the floor a beige or brown undertone. Warm greys evoke a soft warmth, like that of sunlight or sand.
  • Cool grey: Contains undertones of blue, green or purple to give the floor a cold or shadowy undertone. Cool greys make people think of water or snow.

Now that you understand the two types of grey flooring, let’s go into the best cabinet colors for grey floors.

Best kitchen cabinet colors for grey floors

Cabinet color #1: Neutral

A neutral hue is a one that appears to be without color. Neutral colors may look like they don’t have much (or any) color, but can have various undertones.

Since warm grey floors have a light, energetic appearance, they go well with neutrals that have beige and brown undertones.

Good neutral cabinet colors for warm grey floors include:

  • Cream or ivory
  • Beige or tan
  • Brown or warm black (yes, black can also be warm or cool)

Cool grey floors, on the other hand, have a calmer, more moody atmosphere, and so are best paired with neutrals that have undertones of blue or purple.

Good neutral cabinet colors for cool grey floors include:

  • Light blue or navy
  • Pale or dark green
  • Cool black

Cabinet color #2: Grey

Yes, grey cabinets can go great with grey flooring—as long as they’re not the exact same color. The trick is to:

  1. Stick with the same hue of grey for cabinets and flooring. Mixing warm and cool greys can work if that’s the look you’re going for, but you typically want to go with the same hue of grey. When not done right, mixing warm and cool greys can look mismatched.
  2. Pick a shade of grey lighter or darker than your flooring. Unless you’re going for a monochromatic look in your kitchen, which is what you’ll get if your cabinets are the same warm or cool grey as your floors, choose a shade lighter for a brighter, airier look or darker for a moodier atmosphere.

Cabinet color #3: White

If you don’t want to fuss around with selecting a color to match your grey floors, white cabinets are always a classic go-to.

Whether you’re looking for sleek and modern cabinets or want more traditional cabinets with beveling, pure white or off-white cabinets will likely match whatever grey flooring you have in your kitchen.

Wood: A more natural look for your kitchen cabinets

Wood is a beautiful—not to mention durable—option for kitchen cabinets.

Most cabinet companies will have a wide range of stain colors to choose from, which means you won’t have trouble finding a color stain to match your grey floors. You’ll just want to make sure you choose a stain that has the same undertones as your flooring.

Good wood cabinet stains for cool grey floors include:

  • Cool grey stains
  • Dark brown stains
  • Black stains

Good wood cabinet stains for warm grey floors include:

  • Warm grey stains
  • Pale or honey-colored stains
  • Red-brown stains

Want to upgrade to wood cabinets? Some companies, like Cabinet Coatings, will give you brand new solid hardwood doors and drawer fronts with a cabinet refacing.

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