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Bathroom Cabinet Trends

Remodeling your bathroom is a great way to boost satisfaction with your home — and increase your home’s value! However, knowing just how to achieve a timeless look that still holds with bathroom cabinet trends is a bit more difficult. While you want to style your bathroom to your personal tastes, some trends in bathroom cabinets may make your space look dated down the road. That’s why we compiled this list of bathroom cabinet trends that stand the test of time or are easy to change as new trends emerge.

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Cabinets That Resemble Furniture

Cabinets that look like furniture offer an on-trend look that sets your bathroom apart. Designs that look like dressers offer a surprising amount of storage, especially when you choose options with multiple smaller drawers for easy organization and larger cabinets for towels and supplies. Bathroom cabinets that look like mid-century modern coffee tables lend elegance to your home while offering open and concealed storage for your essentials.

Another advantage of furniture-look cabinets is that many sit off the floor like a floating cabinet for easy cleaning underneath. Likewise, these bathroom cabinets are often simple to move if you need to work on the plumbing because they’re not stationary like traditional units. If you’re wondering if furniture-look bathroom cabinets would fit in your space, we offer free in-home and virtual estimates and help you pick out options that work for you.

Ornate Handles and Pulls

While previous bathroom cabinet trends showcased simple matte handles and pulls, current trends have gotten fancier. Ornate handles and pulls are a quick, easy way to breathe new life into dated fixtures. Most just screw into the same hole used by other bathroom cabinet hardware, so this is a great DIY way to spruce up your space when you’re short on time and just want a quick makeover that doesn’t cost a lot.

You might also consider revamping your bathroom cabinets with a transitional bathroom cabinet install that bridges the gap between classic and modern. That way, you can use more ornate hardware yet switch it out easily when trends change to a more sedate or contemporary style. Transitional-style bathroom cabinets maintain a timeless look, and our family-owned and -operated business installs new units with top-quality craftsmanship.

Mirrored Cabinet Fronts

Add a glam aesthetic to your space while making smaller bathrooms look more expansive with mirrored cabinet fronts. While most people think of these units as strictly for eye-level use, the style also looks great on lower bathroom cabinets. Suppose you’re worried about the durability of busy homes with kids and pets. In that case, you might want to stick with a larger unit that replaces your bathroom mirror entirely while providing concealed storage for health and beauty supplies behind its shiny surface.

Warm, Natural Colors

Nothing beats wood's warm, natural look when you want to add richness and depth to your space. But other colors besides brown work well when adding a fresh look with cabinet refacing. Think autumn hues like gold when you want to capture a sunny feel, rust to bring the feel of fall leaves into your space, and forest green to imbue natural beauty. Slate blue also works well, as do hues like deep ash gray, soft peach, and blood red.

Concealed Storage Space

Though concealed storage space may not seem like a trend, it’s a big change from the bathroom cabinet trend of open shelving. Many remodelers are committed to creating a tidy space, even engineering spaces within cabinets to hide trash cans using pull-out hardware for easy access. Some ideas include transforming false drawer fronts into handy trays that tip out, providing fuss-free space for cosmetics and facial care products, or toe-kick drawers underneath the bases of traditional cabinets to further optimize storage.

Overhanging counters provide opportunities to add concealed drawers, while over-the-door shelving works great at expanding storage in tighter areas. Cabinet doors with hooks installed inside offer room to organize personal care appliances like hair dryers and curling irons. When adding concealed storage to your bathroom cabinets, you’re limited only by your imagination and available space.

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