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Are All-White Kitchens Out of Style?

sunlight in white modern kitchen

Everyone knows someone who has a white kitchen or has had one themselves. However, browse the web today, and you will find dozens of articles, including the very reputable Forbes, declaring that white kitchens are out of style and advising you to go for darker colors to match the latest style trends.

Here at Cabinet Coatings, we believe that all-white kitchens never go out of style. White kitchens have a timeless look, and people choose them for good reasons. Here are five reasons that all-white kitchens are an excellent choice to consider:

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They’re a Blank Canvas

An all-white kitchen provides a perfect blank canvas on which to add a few touches of your style. The simple reason is that white doesn’t clash with any other color and can easily coordinate with various patterns and accent colors.

White cabinets also blend well with any appliance color; after all, fridges and washing machines aren’t just available in white anymore. Here are a few examples of how you can complement your all-white kitchen with splashes of color:

  • Tile backsplashes. There are endless ways to be creative with tiles. You can simply choose uniform colored tiles, make a pattern of two or more colors or buy tiles with artistic designs.
  • Patterned rugs. Rugs are a fantastic way to bring a touch of color and style into your kitchen. As with tiles, there are endless options for colors and patterns. You can also move a rug to give your kitchen a deep clean.
  • Artwork. Everyone has their own taste in artwork, but some pieces of art would fade into the background in a kitchen with strong or dark colors.

They Open Up the Space

tidy white kitchen

White kitchens make fantastic use of available light.

It’s a well-known psychological effect that white makes rooms look bigger, making better use of the available light. If your kitchen is small or doesn’t get much natural light, this can be a great way to make it feel larger and more open. While it might not add a single square foot, this can be a real psychological boost.

Many people suggest that dark, natural colors are the trend for 2022 in kitchens, but if your kitchen is small, this could be a mistake. These sorts of colors could make your kitchen look small and depressing! You can also add to the opening-up effect of an all-white kitchen by including accent colors on your tiles and flooring.

It’s a Classic Look

All-white kitchens are classic because of their simplicity, and there are some excellent reasons why this endures while fads for other colors come and go. The simplicity of this color scheme accents the lines of your kitchen units, allowing the lines of the design to stand out. This can work for any style; what’s more modern than white? DOn’t the lines of that country cottage-style kitchen stand out better in white? What shouts beach-house louder than a clean, white finish?

In essence, white complements anything and does everything well, so all-white kitchens will always have that classic feel.

White Kitchens Can Help Sell Your Home

It’s no secret that kitchens help to sell a home. A recent survey by Rated People found that the style and look of a kitchen, particularly the color, had a significant impact on people’s purchasing decisions. Of those asked in the survey, 27% said that a white kitchen was likely to positively affect their purchasing decision, ahead of light grays, which 22% said would be their preference.

Homeowners like to see a neutral base from which to build their style, and white does this perfectly. So, if you’re considering refurbishing your kitchen to help move your property faster, all-white should be your number one choice. It might even help when it comes to getting your asking price.

They’re Clean and Fresh

minimalist white kitchen with island

White kitchens like this are timeless and never go out of style.

A clean, inviting, and fresh kitchen is the best look. And what color does this better than white?

Most people want their kitchen to give off the feel of cleanliness and freshness as it’s comforting in a room where you’re preparing food. In addition, an all-white kitchen will soon show any traces of grime. While some might see this as a disadvantage, it lets you know when an area needs a good deep clean.

If you want to accentuate the clean, fresh look, a few things help. For example, glass doors will enhance the brightness of the room. Another idea is to have your stainless steel utensils on view; they will also catch the light, contributing to the bright, clean look. Finally, choosing a lighting scheme will help too. Bright halogen lights that can be directed at surfaces reinforce the overall clean look.

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