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10 Rustic Kitchen Cabinet Ideas

rustic kitchen cabinets

Rustic and country-style kitchens fall under the traditional kitchen design category, however, unlike its country counterpart, rustic decor is all about ease and effortless appeal. While most traditional kitchens are designed to be admired, rustic kitchens are designed to be used.

If you’re looking to achieve a rustic aesthetic in your kitchen, the cabinetry you choose can really make or break your design. But don’t worry, you really just need a few basic elements.

Here are some common characteristics of rustic kitchen cabinetry:

With the above-mentioned elements in mind, we’ve compiled a list of 10 design ideas that are sure to inspire and guide you as you create the rustic kitchen of your dreams.

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Natural materials

Rustic cabinets are known for their visible knots and wood graining, so the use of natural materials such as pine, cherry, oak, maple, and hickory are preferred.

Here are some ways to use natural materials in your design:

1. Open shelving or glass doors

Instead of upper cabinets, perhaps try open shelving to give your rustic kitchen an open and airy feel. Or, go with huge cabinets made of polished wooden planks and add in some glass doors so your guests can see your wine, coffee, and other glassware.

2. Make wood the focus

To achieve an authentic rustic-looking kitchen, focus on wood. You can choose a type of long-lasting wood such as pine or oak for your cabinetry. Or, you can design your kitchen island to have wood-paneled sides. Have high ceilings? Try exposed wood beams. Our pro tip: change up the types of wood that you use to break the monotony.

3. Incorporate stone

Consider adding stone countertops, flooring, backsplashes, or even walls, to go along with your wood cabinetry and furniture

4. Add industrial elements

Give your rustic design some edge by adding in some industrial elements such as exposed wood beams, metal stools, stainless steel, or black countertops.

Warm, neutral colors

Color is an important characteristic of a rustic country kitchen. Rustic kitchen colors tend to be warm and natural, featuring hues that accent the wood cabinets chosen for the room. Here are other ways to use color:

5. Slate gray cabinets

Gray works wonderfully in a rustic design when teamed up with soft lighting to help make the gray stand out more than it typically would. Add in a rough finish on your cabinets to give your kitchen some added texture.

6. Matte finishes

Rather than using glossy stain finishes, rustic cabinets should be left rugged or matte to accentuate the authentic feel of the wood used.

7. Bright white

Not sure that white would look good with a rustic design? Well, think again. White provides a slight sense of luxury while still allowing the room to maintain its rustic vibe. If you’re doing all white, keep the finish rough and add in some black or antique-looking hardware.

8. Mediterranean blue

Every rustic kitchen could use something old and something blue. Not too overpowering, Mediterranean blue makes for an eye-popping cabinet color while still keeping the rest of the kitchen relatively muted.

Weathered/worn feel

9. Antique metals

Rather than using sleek stainless steel or silver for your hardware, go the antique route. Rubbed brass, wrought iron and distressed gold or bronze knobs provide the cozy, lived-in look you’ll want for your rustic kitchen.

10. Brick

Brick walls are a great way to guarantee your kitchen has a rustic vibe. Pair brick walls with white decor and panels for a dash of modernism. A subtle brick wall tends to stand out more against white and adds a bit of natural color to your room.

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